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F is for "Ford vs. Ferrari"

Ford vs. Ferrari is a period film taking place in the late 60's about how Ford motor company got into the car racing business. With Matt Damon and Christian Bale sharing the screen time it's hard to focus on the design of the film because they are so good in this film. I also love Josh Lucas, where has he been? Between the music, the speed and the performances in the film, it was a good time.

Ford vs Ferrari - Production Designer François Audouy and Set Decorator Peter Lando

I am not really into cars or car racing but this film was fun! There is something about the design and style of the 60's that I still find so inspiring. There is a ton of detail work in the sets of the garages: the neighborhood garage and the high end racing car garage. Old tools, and car parts, down to the calendars not the walls. One thing that stands out is how much signage this film has. Using motor oil, car parts, and other car sponsors must have been a clearance nightmare, and I'm sure it all had to be printed to get the period design and colors. The famous Ford assembly line scene was beautiful. I'm guess it's an old warehouse location that the set was built into.

I came across this website that has an article about the VFX of the film, wow an amazing job by Oliver Dumont . There are a lot of side by side pics of the real shots and his set extensions, etc. Really interesting.. check it out here.

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