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Jeff Rosenberg -

On this episode I speak with Director, Producer, Writer, AD Jeff Rosenberg. I’ve worked with Jeff for a couple of years on different shows as our first AD and second AD and he’s great in both positions. In this past year Jeff finished the film “We Broke Up” which he wrote, produced and directed. I wanted to have him on the podcast because it’s so interesting to me to hear how someone can wear all the hats and have the passion to get a project completed. It took him years to get this together and while working long hours on productions like “The League” “VEEP”,  “The Good Place” and films like “Wine Country”.  He has an ADG award for “VEEP”, and wins and nominations for writing, production and directing his film Orenthal:The Musical which is now showing on Amazon Prime. And he won the Audience Award at the Friars Club Comedy Film Festival for it. We talk about how we both started in Hallmark movies… he excelled a lot quicker then I did, his story of getting into this business is unbelievable.


IG: jeff_rosenberg

IG: WeBrokeUpMovie

Facebook: We Broke Up

OJ: The Musical - Jeff Rosenberg - Director

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