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All the Little Branches

In this episode I describe the structure of the Art, Set Decoration and Prop department. I’ve been in this business since 1999, and I know in describing all this to you I’m still not right. Every show it seems some positions do more or less then what you thought they did. Some people bring out the union handbook to prove they do or do not have to do something or that it is or isn’t coming out of their departments budget. Some people like the control of doing more then their position. I am going to be reading from the the local 44 union book and the Art Directors Guild of what their definitions of positions are and then trying to explain it in everyday use. My hope is to be as instructive as I can in helping you understand all the different positions it takes to make these amazing cinematic worlds come to life.

Memebers/Local 44 info/The Crafts- An introduction.

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