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E is for Empire Strikes Back

Empire Strikes Back was nominated for Production Design in 1980. Of all of the original Star Wars series it's the film I have watched the least. Seeing it when I was young I found it a little slow, watching it as an adult, you understand this is the bridge of the story. "Luke, I am your father" is probably the most memorable line the whole saga which was in this film.

Some things I notice now about the film is the design of the Hoth planet and how that whole Rebel station was built from snow. With the details of the walls of the snow tunnels, the kick of the snow as they walk around, it's a beautiful design all in white. It had to suck to shoot in, fake snow is never good for the lungs. I'm assuming most of the shots were a built set, that's a lot of fake snow. It does fascinate me how all of these control panels were constructed on the spaceships. So many models were made for spaceships. It’s simply incredible to create such a world that spans the universe of Star Wars. There is also the planet that they go to with Lando Calrissian , and it seems like it’s like a 70s love palace? It's awesome.

But there is a language that is a theme throughout the design of the first three movies.

There is continuous patterns in the walls of the spaceships, little cut outs, negative and positive space. All of the doors or the shape of the windows it’s really beautiful.I came across this article about the film.. people get so into it!

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