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Jeannine Oppewall - Dreaming of Wallpaper

In this episode I speak with the Production Design Queen of Period Film: Jeannine Oppewall. Her films include Catch Me If You Can, Seabiscuit, LA Confidential, Pleasantville, The Good Shepherd, The Bridges of Madison County. In this first of two episodes she talks about her beginnings of working beside Charles Eams and how she started in films. 

Jeannine has been production designing  since the early 1980’s and she says she stumbled into it but it seems to be a perfect fit for her body of work. She has been nominated four times for an Oscar, and robbed all four times. La Confidential, Pleasantville, Seabiscuit and The Good Shepherd. She has five ADG nominations and one win for Catch Me If You Can, She has won two LA film critics awards, and has BAFTA, Satellite nominations, She was awarded the 2019 Lifetime achievement awards from the ADG, which I was lucky enough to be there this past year, and her speech was inspiring and funny.

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