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Jordan Ninkovich - Production Designer "Hoax - The Kidnapping of Sherri Papinni"

Production Design of Lifetime and Hallmark movies

Jordan Ninkovich is a production designer who has worked on various projects, including Hallmark movies and the true crime Lifetime movie "Hoax: The Kidnapping of Sherri Papini." In his work on Hallmark movies, Ninkovich has brought to life the romantic and magical settings. From quaint small towns to opulent mansions, his designs have helped audiences become fully immersed in the stories being told. In "Hoax," Ninkovich utilized his expertise to create a raw and realistic depiction of the events surrounding the controversial disappearance of Sherri Papini. His design helped to convey the emotional resonance of the story and with his talent and experience, Jordan Ninkovich is sure to continue impressing audiences with his work for years to come.


What inspired the guest to pursue a career in production design?

Answer: Jordan initially had an interest in acting and design while also being a sports enthusiast. They discovered a passion for design while working on sets and pursued it by studying registered year design at Yorkville University.

2. How did the guest get into production design?

Answer: Jordan initially started as a prop master for a production designer, then later expressed a desire to become a production designer and showcased their skills and unique approach. They got hired by Novice Productions, and their work on a Lifetime movie impressed everyone on set, leading to more jobs in the industry.

3. What is the guest's creative approach to production design?

Answer: Jordan values creating multiple layers within sets and considers multiple perspectives to tell different stories. They also use color palettes, tones, and motifs to symbolize a character's struggles and conflicts.


Workaholism: "I love what I do and bring these worlds to life. And of course, I love design in every aspect, so it just brings so much joy to my life. But I'm also like a naturally crazy workaholic, so I can't say no to work."— Jordan Ninkovich

Finding Freedom in Production Design: "It gives me the freedom to be completely, 100% artistic and just have this beautiful vision of creating, taking a little piece of dialogue, building, designing these worlds, and having not just one person enjoy their dream bathroom or kitchen, but the whole world getting to see this."

Designing the Set of "Sherry": "Realizing that she's trapped and freedom and other different things that she's seeking and she's feeling and her internal struggle was kind of fun to kind of Easter egg throughout the house and other parts of the set, which were fun."— Jordan Ninkovich

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