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I bet you missed me.

Is sorry enough? I know, it's not. But let me explain....

I've been getting this podcast together for probably 3 years. First an idea, then learning how to do all this myself, then executing it all while working full time and having a life. But I did it! My unsavvy tech self figured it all out and wrangled my friends into the first five interviews. I had immediate great feedback and was planned a schedule of interviews and episodes till the end of the year, but I got a little sidetracked, well a lot. Not only did I joyously get pregnant, but with twins! The morning sickness and working full time took up a lot of my days. Then I went right into the last season of VEEP which was so overwhelmingly hard to do while being pregnant but some how I made it till the day I delivered. Needless to say my passion project of this podcast wasn't put on the back burner it was taken off the stove.

My identical twin boys are now 6 months old... I can not be more elated with happiness every single day. They are amazing and I could start another podcast just on being a twin mom! But in these sleepless nights I've been trying to get back to this podcast and now I'm ready. I'll be starting new episodes this month and will be trying to get them out every 3-4 weeks. I've got some great people who have agreed to talk with me, the talent is abundant.

Thank you! I have received so many emails of encougament and some with some great questions. Forgive me for taking awhile to respond but I'm doing my best. Thank you for the support and hope you enjoy the upcoming episodes.

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