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Episode 3 - Ian Phillips - "Miles of Hallways"

Ian Phillips is a Production Designer who's work includes Parks and Recreations, LOVE on Netflix, Splitting Up Together and now the third season of "The Good Place". He has also been involved with HBO's Carnival and Tom Ford's A Single Man. He has been nominated for 2 Art Directors Guild Awards for Parks and Rec, and a Satellite Award for A Single Man. We've worked together longer then either of us realized. He's also a dear friends.

In this episode we talk about his favorite Parks and Rec set to design. The budget challenge on every show and how he started out in this business.

Ian's info:

Facebook: Iam Phillps

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Just listened to this ep and it was really neat to listen to you reminisce about Parks & Rec. Also, it's oddly comforting to know that the time/budget challenges you have on bigger productions is the same as I have on micro-budget productions - I'm getting "real world" experience! ;D

Me gusta
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