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Episode 10 - Beth McCarthy Miller

Updated: Jul 17, 2019

On this episode I will be talking with Director Beth McCarthy Miller. Beth is one of the most versatile directors working in TV today. She bounces from single camera shows to Live TV performances and Stand Up Comedy specials. Beth started out directing live #MTV shows and then worked her way to an eleven year gig directing #SaturdayNightLive. Beth directs mostly half hour TV comedies such as #30Rock, #ModernFamily,  #UnbreakableKimmySchmitt, #Divorce, #BrooklynNineNine, #VEEP and many more. She’s directed the stand-up comedy shows of #BillMaher, Dave Attell, Jim Norton, D L Huley, Bob Sagat and more. Live events such as the #NFL Superbowl halftime shows with #BritneySpears and #Aerosmith, and the #JanetJackson, #JustinTImberlake halftime show. She has 31 nominations including 11 Emmy noms, and 11 wins including multiple #DGA and Cable ACE awards, Golden Derby, Gracie Allen, and Online film and television awards.

I first met Beth on #ParksandRec season 6, #GalentinesDay episode. Which now blows my mind that a TV show that I was apart of has an unoffical holiday for good will among woman! It’s awesome.

Parks and Rec - Production Designer Ian Phillips, Set Decorator Kim Wannop

 I remember looking her up when I got the director schedule and it made me physically sit back in my chair. Because  I’m a huge #SNL fan, I don’t know if I should boast or be ashamed but I could put my hand on a bible and say I havn’t missed an episode since the late 80’s. I recored it on my vcr, tivo and dvr. Beth is one of only 4 directors int he show run of SNL.. 4! The comedy she has been apart of, in my opinion, is ledgendary. Other projects that she directed that she propably does’t know how much it influenced a genreation is: MTV’s Unplugged. Specifcally.. Nirvana Unplugged. I watched it so. many. times… the Nirvana unpluged, is a timecaplse of that era. The clothes, the hair, his voice. A young Dave Grorl. She directed 6 in total including Tony Bennet, Stone Temple Pilots and Neil Young. I’m super lucky to have worked with her on Parks and VEEP.

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