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Best Production Design of the Decades discussion with Adam Rowe

In this episode Production Designer Adam Rowe and I analyze the the Best Production Design brackets that hopefully you have been voting on int he last 6 weeks. I took the Best Production Design Oscar winners and nominees since the 60’s and had March madness type brackets and voted on the best design for each decade. Adam was very kind to support me thru this and honestly was probably one of the few people I can say voted almost every day. This was fun! We break down every decade and have… a lot of opinions on what won over the other. 

It was great to reminisce about these films that inspire us and I’m sure inspired you.

This was a fun experiment to see if the actual popular vote was the same as the actual winners. It's all great design. This has been so inspiring to look back on these great designs and think of the emotions they invoked and how they inspired the following decades. I appreciate them all.

Listen here to the podcast

Here are the winners for each bracket:

Best Production Design of the 2010's

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