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When a Set Decorator is mentioned an Angel gets it's wings.

There is nothing more exciting when a #SetDecorator gets a shout out and their name and title are correct. So many times we are called set designers or stage designers, the array of combinations of the wrong title is endless. But this week on #JimmyFallon he gave a correct shout out to Set Decorator Amy Wells for her gorgeous work on "#BigLittleLies" . He called out her precise attention to detail in the characters homes. The second season premiered this past Sunday on #HBO and it was just a delight to see that there was evolution in the sets. Jane's house looks more lived in, Perry's clothes were missing from Celeste's closet, and so much more.

"Big Little Lies" Season 2. Set Decorator: Amy Wells

Amy Wells has an extensive resume of TV and film that includes period to modern day. I mean, she did #CLUELESS and #MADMEN!! Her work is to be appreciated and studied, and she's also a really nice person.

"Clueless" Set Decorator: Amy Wells

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