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What's Wannop Watching - "The Last Czars"

I love history, it was my favorite subject in school. So I get into series and documentries that are history based. With "The Last Czars" on #Netflix I hit gold. The show is half documentary half production, with segments that are produced and then interviews with Russian history experts. I do not know any Russian history, I think I only saw the cartoon version of Annastasia and somewhere along the line I never got the real story of Rasputin, so I was way in when I started watching this mini series. Great Production value with gorgeous locations, and the cinematography is beautiful. I finished the series in 3 days, I was hooked to watch an ending I knew was coming but didn't want to be true, kinda like watching Titanic. There are so many series on #Netflix and I can't say they are all great but they sure do pour their funds into these projects. I tried to find who the Production Designer and Set Decorated were, but no luck.

"The Last Czar" - Netflix

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