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What's Wannop Watching 6/9

This week I binged the new 3 episode season of "Black Mirror". First off, super bummer there are only three episodes, I love this series and some of the early episodes still are in my head. If you haven't watched it it's really a great series about technology and how it's taken over our lives, our society and our world. There are a couple of episodes that are pretty fucked up, and some are so stunning like " USS Callister" you are lost int he design and forget you are watching a stand alone episode. The three episode of this season 5 are, as always, done really well.

"Striking Vipers" - I have no idea why episode 5.1 is shot in in South America?, but everyone speaks English and I think they are pretending to be in Chicago? The look of this episode is realistic residential until the charters are thrown into a video game, VR world. These sets are huge pops of color, whimsical and fun! Production Designer : Annie Beauchamp

Black Mirror 5.1 Striking Vipers"

"Smithereens" - Episode 5.2 spends most of the episode in a billowing green field in the outskirts of London, which make me very jealous being in Los Angeles, not a lot of green here. The design of a glass house/meditation room in the episode is pretty gorgeous. Sitting on top of a canyon in Utah is a simple glass structure. I'm assuming that it was a build and maybe wasn't Utah. Unfortunately, you don't get to see any of the dressing, but indoor/outdoor curtains that have all been pulled open.

Black Mirror 5.2 "Smithereens"

"Rachel, Jack, and Ashley Too" - The third episode looks to take place in LA? Featuring Miley Cyrus, it shows a young girl who is fascinated with the pop star. The young girl shares a room with her sister, and is nicely laired with their opposite personalities. Ashley's home, I'm assuming, is a location but loving the modern simplicity of the dressing in the house a great contrast with the young girl's house. Decorator: Christie Bellairs

Black Mirror 5.3 - "Rachael, Jack and Ashley Too"

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