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What's Wannop Watching 6/30

"There's nothing on!" How many times have you said that? And now with all of the content out there on cable, #Netflix, #Hulu, #Amazon, etc. Can you really say that anymore? I am so very lucky to be working in the Second Golden Age of Television (and I truly believe it is). I have no idea what movies are coming out this year but I do know what pilots got picked up and read all about the network upfronts. Summer months have always been slow for new shows, everyone is on vacation, it's rerun after rerun. The first show I can remember that did a "Summer Season" was "Bevery Hills 90210" When Brandon got a job at the beach club. Genius. Give high school kids something to watch during the summer. I think, #MTV wasn't far behind with new summer program schedule. My mind may be fuzzy, but at the time I was their target audience. The Real World or Road Rules, Beevis and Butthead, and even Aeo Flux were exactly what you needed on a boring Tuesday night in the summer. I really just dated myself didn't I?

So, at the moment I have like 3 shows I'm watching" #BigLittleLies, #Divorce (starting tonight) and some Bravo Housewives. other then that my que is pretty bare. I decided to give #POSE a shot because I've heard good things. The story of POSE is NYC in the early 80's and the underground ball society. Intertwined in the story is the AIDS crisis, Greed is Good type Trump characters and teen homelessness. The sets and the wardrobe in the show are also huge characters. The acts where the themed balls take place are especially fun to watchband make you want to walk the runway. My favorite so far is the Dynasty walk where the characters give their best Alexis Carrington Colby against a Crystal Carrington. With the best line being something like: "Get it together, this isn't Falcon Crest!" I laughed a little too hard.

Pose" - Production Designer: Judy Becker, Jamie McCall. Set Decorator: Heather Loeffler

The sets are a true time capsule of the 80'sat it's best and at it's worse. The exact details of the dishwasher my mom got in 1987 to the gritty apartments that have just the right aging to give a shitbox apartment some charm. The main set of the ballroom makes you almost smell the cigarettes and hear the sticky floors while you watch the theme ball. The other element that really catches me is the soundtrack. All these great 80's songs make your ass wiggle in your seat, or at least mine does. I'm only half thru the first season, I'm eager to see where it's going, and have heard it gets into Vogue - ing in the second season. No spoilers please. ;)

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