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What's Wannop Watching?

It's summertime! Which used to mean reruns while you lived your summer life, but now I look forward to shows starting up all year long. My TV dinner plate is a little light, the only thing I am watching right now is #BigLittleLies and #Baskets... oh and #RHBH and of course the best...#RHNYC. I started rewatching the #Fargo series on #FX and it's just as good as I remember. The first season has that perfect combination of good guy/bad guy and throwbacks to the plot of the movie. The sets are a mid western simplicity and authentic in realism. But for me, season two of Fargo is where it's at. Set in 1979 Minnesota/South Dakota, the series follows a string of events that leads to a crime family out for blood. The second season was so vastly different from the first, yet they connect. I love the period sets and the tone it sets for the series. The rich period color pallet and the retro furniture are definitely their own characters in the story.

Fargo Season 2 - Set Decorator: Darlene Lewis, Shirley Inget

I often think of the Blumquist basement set. She's a hoarder and the basement is where you finally see the extent of it. I once did a hoarder set on "Bones". It was awesome. I literally had 1 ton of newspaper to distribute in the set. It is, I think, one of the only times that the set dressing dominated the scene, the actors, the camera so much that the choreography of the camera and all needed to be rehearsed. Once I dressed in the massive amount of items, nothing moved but 1 pallet of fixed junk so the camera cold get in the space. I'm assuming this set on Fargo was the same. It's so dense and chaotic and makes for a great suspenseful scene.

My #Bones Hoarder set:

Just read that #Fargo is coming back for a fourth season in early 2020, with Chris Rock staring.


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