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"The Good Place" - A "Good" Finale

On this episode I speak with the Production Design team of the final season of "The Good Place". Production Designer; Ian Phillips, Art Director; Adam Rowe, Prop Master; Gay Perello and Graphic Designer; Graham Radcliff watch the series finale of "The Good Place" together and reminisce how we all got it done. It was so nice to see each other, especially in this time. Watching the series finale together was special, we really appreciate each other's contributions to the look of the show. It was a fantastic series to be apart of. Many of us on the crew were also on Parks and Rec together and it’s like we say in this interview we all just click, and have a short hand of communication. 

Bonus!  I also have made a video of this podcast accompanied by pictures of the sets and the props for you to view and listen at the same time!  You can watch this on the Watch page or the Decorating Pages Podcast YouTube channel.

Today also starts Emmy voting, so I hope you will consider the series finale of "The Good Place" for Outstanding Production Design in half hour or less.

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