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Rose Lagace' - I Walked Into A Video Store

On this episode I speak with Production Designer Rose Lagace. She is also the creator of the successful Hollywood art department insider website Art Departmental.  We spoke in mid august and we both were starting back to work at the time. We talk about her show “The Baroness Von Sketch Show”, which if you haven't checked it out, it’s pretty funny and a little dark.  We discuss the ebb and flow of the work in Canada in the past decade, some of our tricks we used for getting into the business and her work designing many short films like Patient, Close your Eyes, Suffer, Plus One and so many more. She also describes how she came up with the successful website Art Departmental. Incredible how she is able to juggle working, keeping up with this site, interviewing Designers and Decorators.

Twitter: @artdepartmental

Instagram: artdepartmental

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