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Lydia Marks - It's a Very New York Story

On this epiosde I’m joined by Set Decorator Lydia Marks. Being from New York City she certainly has made a mark on some recent films that burst with #NYC design.  WIth a background in photography and art history you can see in her sets how she works in he details to the frame. I talk to her about #FosseVerdon and the detailss and research it took to bring their lives to the screen. I asked about the influence New York City has on her films and about working woth femail directors. Lydia’s fims include You can Count on Me, Broken Flowers, The Namesake, #TheDevilWearsPrada, #SexandtheCity 1 and 2, Away We go, Synecdoche: New York, The Brave One, Money Monster, and the #Netflix show #Maniac. She’s also worked with great directors such as Jim Jermush, Jodi Foster, Sam Mendes, and Charlie Kaufman.

Fosse/Verdon Set Decorator: Lydia Marks

She has been nominated  for an International Online Cinema Awards for Synecdoche, New York, an #ArtDirectorsGuild Award for #Maniac and she is currently nominated for her work on #FosseVerdon, the story of Bob Fosse and Gwen Verdon’s life that spands from the 40’s to the 80’s. She is a working mom, a partner in an interior design Group called Marks and Farnz, works consistantly, and in all this I dont’ know how she finds time but her instagram is pretty impressive too! You can check it out at lydia.Oh.lydia

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