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Jordan Steinberg - Fluffing the Set

On this episode I am talking with On-Set Dresser Jordan Steinberg. Jordan has worked as an on-set dresser on Flightplan, Evan Almighty, A Single Man, #MadMen, #Transformers, #ParksandRec, #LOVE, #VEEP#TheGoodPlace and is currently shooting #Sunnyside for #NBC

Mad Men - Jordan Steinberg, On-Set Dresser

As a set decorator on a tv show I am usually prepping an episode and shooting at the same time. One of my most imprtant jobs a #SetDecorator has is to  “open the set” which means I am there just before they start shooting a new set. I’m there to tweek any last minute changes, such as moving the furniture around for the flow of the actors for the diagogue. One of the main things that I do is review the set with the On-Set Dresser. The On-Set Dresser is my artistic eye once I leave the set. I think of them as the defender of the set. Plenty of times, items will get struck from the set because of the shot, the camera needing space in the room they are being set up. The On-set dresser keeps the integrity of the set that has been designed and decorated. Listen here!

Mad Men - Jordan Steinberg, On-Set Dresser

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