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Jane Musky - These Guys Sell Steak Knives

This episode is very special to me because I speak with Production Designer Jane Muskey. The films that Jane has designed have influenced me more then I knew. Although I have seen almost all of her films, multiple times, when I refreshed and watched some again, it made me feel my passion, my excitement,  and my love for films. Films like Raising Arizona, Young Guns, When Harry Met Sally, Ghost, Glengarry Glen Ross, City Hall, The Devil’s Own, Boomerang, and recently Hustlers.  We talk about her start as a scenic designer, meeting up with the Cohen brothers to start her film career, giving great advice about the set atmosphere, her recent season of the Murphy Brown reboot, work with DP’s like Barry Sonnenefeld, Dante Spinotti. Working on the recent film Hustlers, realizing that Ghost was shot in LA, the classis and in depth sets of Glen Gary Glen Ross, and then I pull everything I can out of her about Rasing Arizona. 

Raising Arizona - Jane Musky - Production Designer

I’m gonna just tell you now, I giggle like a schoolgirl way too much, I like rapid fire at one point just trying to squeeze every drop of info from her about Raising Arizona. I’m kind of embarrassed, but hopefully you can tell how genuinely I am so in awe of her work and just talking to her and hearing her experience and her strengths. Just in awe.

Check out her website HERE!

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