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Gabriel Hardman - The Better Way To Tell The Story

On this episode I am joined by storyboard artist Gabriel Hardman. I spoke to him in early July after seeing him in the documentary “Harold and Lillian: A Hollywood Story”. A documentary about storyboard artist Harold Michelson and his wife Lillian Michelson, a film researcher. In the documentary they interview a current storyboard artist, Gabriel Hardamn. The docume

ntary inspired me to track him down for this podcast.  A storyboard artist is a position in the art department but as Gabriel explains they work more closely with the Director then the Production Designer. Gabriel’s resume is quite impressive. Huge films like Ford vs. Ferrari, Pirates of the Caribbean, Logan, Interstellar, The Dark Knight Rising, Inception, Angels and Demons, Tropic Thunder, the Siderman movies, and the Austin Power trilogy. I definitely learned from this interview about specifics of the position and the imagination and talent it takes to be a storyboard artist.

Twitter: @gabrielhardman

Instagram: @gabrielhardmanart

Ford vs. Ferrari - Storyboard Artist - Gabriel Hardman

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