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Ethan Goodwin - You Have To Turn Down Jobs

In this episode I speak with my friend Ethan Goodwin. Ethan has the position of “Buyer” in the Set Dressing department and I couldn't do my job with out it. In an industry of "Hurry Up and Wait", we in Set Dressing have to make very quick turnarounds and figure out the logistics of getting everything to set. The buyer has become a vital position in this new Golden Age of television of high expectations in every episode. Ethan is the best of the best. Coordinating selections, pickups, paperwork and dressing in the charter of sets the buyer has a huge responsibility. The demand of every episode having to have feature film quality is a great accomplishment. Ethan and I have worked together on shows like "Bones", "Parks and Rec", "Love", "VEEP" and the upcoming "American Crime Story: The Impeachment of William Jefferson Clinton".

For All Mankind - Apple TV

He's one of my besties, he's a genuine talent who has great taste and is a fantastic problem solver. As a buyer, it can be isolating, you are in your car all day driving from prop house to prop house, to many stores.. .sometimes four different Ikeas a day. Whatever it takes. Buyers also deal with getting the quotes for rental orders and double checking orders and in my office finding where the best happy hour deals that are close to the office. I'm so excited to have Ethan back on my crew, as you will hear the excitement in our voices. Ethan’s credits include The upcoming Perry Mason reboot, For All Mankind, Homecoming,  Gone Girl, just a fantastic resume. We discuss of course how he started, the buyer position, how working the Set Dec coordinator position is invaluable, and shopping for period shows.

Homecoming - Netflix

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