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Episode 8 Jim Gloster - The man who never says "No"

In this episode I’m talking to Production Designer Jim Gloster. Jim is a Southern gentleman who has Art Directed films such as Semi-Pro, The Other Guys, and Banshee. He has Production Designed Eastbound and Down, 13 Reasons Why, Ballers and my favorite VEEP. He has 5 ADG nominations and 2 wins and 4 Emmy nominations and 1 win for VEEP, which I share with him.

I have been working with him on VEEP for the past three seasons and we recently ended the show in it's seventh season. Jim is from North Carolina and has been working in Los Angeles for the past couple of years since VEEP moved from Baltimore to Los Angeles for season five of the show.VEEP was given a tax break for bringing production to the state of California. Which I am very thankful for!

Listen Here!

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