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David Smith - Let It Breath Pt.2

Here is part two of my interview with Set Decorator David Smith, and to be honest, the man has so much to say that it’s all gems, so as I said it was hard to edit this interview. He has such a wonderful career on tv and film. We get into some of his specific projects like his first film Shop Girl, working with Nancy Meyers on The Holiday. Working with the same Production Designer for 12 projects, working on locations for some of his films like Last Holiday and Vampire’s Apprentice. Being an additional Set Decorator on projects like Argo, Gone Girl, Vice and Unbelievable.

This is the longest interview thus far on the show and it's because David has so much insight into Set Decorating. It was definitely very hard to edit anything out, he has such great behind the scenes stories of how the film and tv shows get done. If you haven't seem "Unbelievable" on Netflix, you are missing out.... and it's on Obama's top 2019 TV list!

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