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Episode 13, 14 - Gay Perello - "You got glitter cause I gotta shake it"

Joining me on this episode is Prop Master Gay Perillo. Her range of talents span from creating Leslie Knope's massive amount of detailed scrapbooks on Parks and Recreation to filling Gary’s Leviatian on VEEP. She has a career of being a Prop Master with long running shows like Crossing Jordan, Mad Men, Parks and Rec, VEEP and The Good Place. Gay's feature films include A Single Man, Sex and the City, Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates, Gloria Bell and just released on Netflix, Wine Country. Upcoming in Dec 2019 is the "Untitled Ray Roach Project" about Roger Ailes and Gay and I are currently finishing up the fourth season of The Good Place.

Tinker Tape Machines - The Good Place

Family Unity Quilt - Parks and Rec

Mee-Maw portrait - VEEP

Sunglasses, Wine glasses, shopping bags, handbags, wine bottles. - Wine Country

Homemade Cones of Dunshire game - Parks and Rec

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