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Dwell on Design LA #DODLA

I set out in my good walking shoes on Saturday to hit up the Dwell on Design trade show in DTLA but to my surprise I could have been in stilettos. The show was noticeably smaller this year and didn't give the usual burst of excitement when you walked into the huge convention center. I've hit the Dwell on Design show for the past years, usually every other year, but this is my third consecutive year and it was kinda sad. The vendors that were there were great and ready to share their products like Pandemic Design Studio, wall tiles that are planters! 

But the size of the whole show was about half of what it was last year in my opinion. It lacked big booths like Wayfair that usually have visually interactive booths. I was unable to attend the key speaker events with my work schedule, I heard that Jonathan Adler gave a great talk about design. The Bridge house was a scaled down Lego model of a house that is built in Handcock Park. They were using a new light gage material to build the home.

I think the vendor I was most excited about was the Living Vehiclebooth. They had a gorgeous RV style trailer that I just wanna park in the desert and chill in! Sleek design that was fully loaded with amenities and skylights throughout. I'm not a tiny house kinda girl but this made me a believer.

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