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Don Diers - The Golden Touches

On this episode I speak with Set Decorator Don Diers who’s passion for details in his sets and his choice for specific charter pieces are so wonderful to discover when you watch his work! Starting in film as an art director he quickly discovered his passion for creating the characters in dressing and switched paths to be a Set Decorator. Creating memorable sets on films like the picture perfect “Down with Love”, in TV the collage campus world of “Community” and even decorating late night TV with “The Muppets” which he has an ADG win for. He currently has the second season of Showtime’s “Kidding” under his belt and these sets are not to be missed. Incredible amount of detail and love were put into these sets, you can see it.

Set photo of Mr. Pickles office in the Showtime comedy "Kidding"
"Kidding" Set Decorator - Don Diers

In this interview we talk about a particular set of Kidding where the whole set was changed over while the camera pans from one side of the room to the other, it’s amazing to watch.

Take a look!


Don also has an amazing Instagram feed. Featuring his art, photography, set photos and squirrels! Check it out!

Instagram: BigEyeDiers

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