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David Gropman - How Big Was It? Big Enough

In this episode I am talking about how this pandemic will effect production in the entertainment industry and my Set Dressing department. Production Designer David Gropman joins me and we also discuss how he has been effected by the pandemic and how his show was shut down in Italy. We talk about how he started in the business, "Chocolat", "Date Night", "One Fine Day" , "Doubt"and the many broadway productions made into films that he has designed. You can currently see his work on the Hulu series on "Catch-22".

Catch-22 - Behind the Scenes
Catch-22 Production Designer - David Gropman

I also totally dork out and ask him about a film I love - "Once Around" in episode two. If you haven't seen it, try to, it's a funny little Rom-Com from the early 90's. I just adore it.

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