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Brandi Kalish - Tech Picnic

On this episode I speak with Set Decorator Brandi Kalish. I don’t remember how we met, maybe at an SDSA meeting, but she is super cool person, so laid back and has such a talent for decorating. I didn’t know how she started in the business but WOW, hell of a story there, wait till you hear that. Brandi was brave enough to take over on HBO’s "Silicon Valley" on season five and she jumped into massive new sets and continued that on season 6. We get into how she has a mentor in Production Designer Michael Wehstone, the massive sets she decorated for "Silicon Valley", Balancing a budget with help from product placement. Also, diving into her decorating decisions on the the popular Netflix show “Dead To Me”. And in all her spare time she has just opened up a Prop house called Studio Arts in downtown LA which focuses on rental of contemporary art. And we share our thoughts on working day to day in the pandemic. 

"Dead To Me" Netflix - Set Decorator: Brandi Kalish

She has been nominated for her work on Silicon Valley with Emmy and ADG nominations. And you can see her delightful decorating in the second season of the Netflix show "Dead To Me".  Listen Here!


"Silicone Valley" - HBO - Set Decorator: Brandi Kalish

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