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Better the Second Time Around

I will admit I watched every episode of the original Roseanne series. I loved it. It was the polar opposite of the current king of television The Cosby Show, which I also watched religiously. Rosanne’s house was messy, it was dated, it was realistic and relatable. The kids bedrooms weren’t that fake messy teenage with pops of fun colors. It was familiar and true to hand me down furniture and juvenile treasures that only have value to their owners. I look back now and realize this set influenced me so much. I applaud the angles of the walls and how it was shot that make you feel like you are in the room with the Conners. It’s a set that should be taught in set design school. 

I was super excited to see the revamp of Roseanne. Although I think it’s crazy in the new golden age of TV that they would rehash an exact concept. I understand that the networks are doing whatever they can to keep from losing viewers to binge worthy shows on steaming options. I’m really happy that there wasn’t a complete change of the set or that the Conners haven’t moved! I definitely understand the struggle of Set Decorator Anne Ahrens to find the pieces from the original set. I’ve had to do the same in taking over shows and decorating recurring sets from past seasons. 

I’m super proud that Architectural Digest did an article on the Production designer John Shaffner and Set Decorator Anne Ahrens. The sofa dilemma is real! Sofas are one of the hardest things for me to choose in a main character set. It sets the tone for the whole room. And look how iconic one decision of  a Set Decorator can be! 

You can check out the full AD article here

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