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3 Unique Ways To Style Your Home Like a Set Decorator

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

After reading a script as a set decorator, it is my job to interpret characters through everyday pieces such as sofas, artwork, tables and much more. Bringing the style out of a character is one of the most exciting things in the process of television and filmmaking. There are plenty of ways for you to style your home and bring out your own personal character through the items displayed in your home. Telling your story, and styling your life should be both fun and creative! While there are a plethora of ways to achieve this in your house, here are three unique ways to style your home like a set decorator.

Cluster Memories in Groups of 3

(A picture of my Grandmother, a vintage Philadelphia Eagles Bobble-head, and a Historial Philadelphia plate: a cluster that reminds me of my Mommom and her love or our hometown Philadelphia Eagles)

The first thing is to select pieces that make you think of good memories and cluster them in threes. Having a cluster of items that connect as items of travel, or a special occasion will spark memories everytime you pass them. Arranging by height or color also makes them work together. Arranging three together also can tell the progression of the memories. Maybe it’s three items from your honeymoon, a framed train or museum tickets, a small souvenir and then a candle that has a scent that sparks a memory of the trip. These little clusters in your home will tell your story in big ways.

Patterned Sheets

The second unique way to style your home is to use fun patterns on your sheets. I try to do this with characters whenever there is a bed scene. This gives a little more subtle personality in an unexpected place. Break away from the usual solids and stripes and go for the fun little airplanes or cactuses. On the show “The Good Place” in the finale episode I put little cactuses on the character Elenor Shellstrap’s sheets as a throw back to her home state of Arizona.


(This switchplate in my home is from House of Antique hardware)

The third unique way to style your home is to choose bold switchplates. Switchplates are a forgotten opportunity to give a little design to a plain wall. From painting them a contrast color, finding vintage designs, or metal hardware these little plates can make big statements. I found these perfect brass switchplates and outlet covers on House of Antique Hardware. They had so many interesting designs to choose from it made it hard to decide. It definitely brings a little style to a non painted wall, or corner in the home.

While watching a TV show or a movie is a great way to transport yourself to a new place, you can always just redecorate your home when you want to feel like you are somewhere else. Working as a Set Decorator has given me the confidence and experience to transform a drab room into a fab room. Feel free to incorporate these tips into your home design. Tag me in your redesign photos on Instagram so I can see what you made!

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