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Sooo what are we gonna do with all this time? Play a game of course!

Ok well day three of #SociaDistancing / #WorkFromHome and...I think I'm almost out of thing to watch. My tank was low before this all started. so I started to buy movies from my Amazon Fire Tv.. they make it so easy! I'm really hoping Netflix take some pity on the world and releases the third season of "Ozark" early. But all this got me thinking....

"What might be a fun game to play with friends while in quarantine?

First... Everyone loves a bracket! And since there is no March Madness this year, let us movie geeks have our own fun. I'll be putting out a bracket every five days of each decade for the past 60 years of films that have won or been nominated for Best Production Design. I know... that's a lot but a bracket makes it easy ;) I have taken the Best Picture winners and then two other nominated films of that year. I tried to space it out that if a period won that year then picking a fantasy or contemporary nomination. There were two spots left in the thirty-two spots and I choose those spots at random. Here is the first bracket from 2010 to 2019.

Second, I'm gonna watch a beautifully designed movie starting with the letter A to the letter Z. Got any suggestions? Please email me here!

Hope you are staying safe and healthy!

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